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Update Log: 
August 2006

12 August 2006 - I'm working on slowly getting back here to updates as much as I can. I'm actually taking a class next year that is called Web Design. So, it should be better!

July 2006

13 July 2006 - How's everyone been? Site's still on hiatus, because I can't come back full force yet to update everything. School starts on Septermber 5th so look for major updates around the second week of September. I'll be doing little scripting updates every now and then, so if you see something new, it's probably just me behind the scenes! Enjoy! And look for my new website coming soon. Though that's going to be strictly school-related! Later! <3

3 July 2006 - I am currently on Summer Break, and will only be updating this site every once and a while, as I do not have Dreamweeaver at home. So, until September, the site is on Hiatus. I apologize lots. Don't hate me!

June 2006

5 June 2006 - Finished updating all pages with a new link.
15 June 2006 - Been working behind the scenes for a while now, ha ha. And, I havne't had a chance to write into the index yet. But, I added a new page, and it's for the updates archives. You can find it here. Enjoy!



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